Why Touch?

Touch - A Game for Everyone

Everyone can play Touch and millions of women, men, girls and boys of all ages, body shape and background already enjoy the sport across the globe.

It is one of the rare collective sports that girls, boys, women and men enjoy together and against each other, with our Mixed competitions making Touch very popular for every age category.

A Lifetime Sport for All

Children start playing Touch  at school, with Touch being one of the most practised sports in the school curriculum. Teenagers enjoy it and play together on weekends, on the beach or more competitively during both summer and winter. Adults appreciate having a run with colleagues at lunch time, play social competitions once a week or simply enjoying the game with their friends or family at any time.




Playing together

In our social competitions, friends, colleagues, family members or any group of people simply play together. Especially, parents and children (and even grandchildren) can participate in Touch together, which is something FIT encourages as a community sport.

Anyone can join a team to play and that is why Touch is truly a game for everyone!

Inclusive Sport

Everyone can play Touch, no matter if you have a disability, if you are new to the country or if you have never heard about the sport before.

The sport is accessible, easy to learn and great to share so you will understand the basics in no time and enjoy playing with your teammates no matter what everyone’s experience or skills level is.


Touch - A Game for Everyone!