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2018/CW22 Capital Cup

Keiser Peter 31.05.2018

Swiss Refs at the Capital Cup

During the long weekend from Thursday 31.05.2018 to Sunday 3.6.2018 Berlin hosted the Capital Cup, a real major tournament with 38 teams and over 40 Referees present. The tournament took place in the Olympia station at Maifeld, on 6 pitches.  

Since a long time, Switzerland could provide 3! Fulltime referees for a major tournament. Irene, Kevin and Peter where the ones who took this journey upon themselves.

All were arriving in Berlin during Thursday, so that the last information’s on the rule adaptions could be transferred to us by Matt in late the evening.

On Friday each of us had to ref 5 games during the day. This was a lot, given that the temperatures easily reached the 30°C mark. So a lot of water was used for cooling down and drink. In the evening a lunch was organized for all Refs and players at the ground.


During the nights thunderstorm, the temperature dropped to a more bearable region. And the sky was a bit cloudy so no more crazy heat. Since all 3 of us had to ref 4 games that day, this was a great advantage.

During both days, everyone got coached by the present professional coaches. This was a real great experience for all of us, as we don’t get this kind of support locally. A great thanks to all the coaches, who managed to help Kevin get his Level 1 Badge and Peter to get his Level 2 badge!