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2018/CW24 Mixed Development Days

Richards Jessica 16.06.2018

Four Weeks To Go! 

It's less than a month to the ETC 2018 and the Women's Open team is working hard and doing their best to prepare.

Players time is filled with fitness sessions, working on individual Touch skills and keeping clear of injuries. Last weekend some of the ladies participated in the Mixed Development days and played an exhibition game, during a Swiss Rugby Final in Zürich.  


The team has welcomed a new coach - fantastic Masayo Tateno of Touch Netherlands. Masayo has been observing the WO players during the tournaments in Gif and Berlin and will be traveling down to Switzerland to lead the next training camp in Bern, on June 30th. We are all very excited to have her on board and looking forward to her unconventional stretching technique...

massage ala Masayo