An overview of all Refs and where they are based in Switzerland. The main goal for the next years is, that every club has at least 2 Level 1 Refs, and 1 Level 2 Ref. To achieve this, we will organize assessments at the local Swisscups for Level 1s, if possible the same goes for Level 2s. Otherwise a Level 2 upgrade must be gained at an international tournament.


2018/CW22 Capital Cup

Swiss Refs at the Capital Cup During the long weekend from Thursday 31.05.2018 to Sunday 3.6.2...> mehr
31.05.2018 , Keiser Peter

2018/CW18 Referee | Course | Level 2

Am frühen Samstagmorgen, traf sich eine kleine Gruppe bestehend aus dem Roger (Egg), Ania (Geez...> mehr
05.05.2018 , Keiser Peter


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Level 3

Wälti Irene Geezers Touch

Level 2

Biedermann Patricia Geezers Touch
Keiser Peter Baden Banditos
Tomaszewska Ania Geezers Touch

Level 1

Beck Roger Panhandle Wildpigs Rugby Club Egg
Cooke Jarrod Geezers Touch
Glagau Sabine Geezers Touch
Grover Andrew Panhandle Wildpigs Rugby Club Egg
Kilmister Daniel Swiss Lakers
Neuweiler Pasqual Baden Banditos
Tanoa Fabienne Baden Banditos
Tanoa Jay Baden Banditos