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Rebecca Fitzgerald (W27), Pasqual Neuweiler (MXO), Peter Ryland (M30), Michael Abromowitz (M45), Thomas Blaser (High Performance Director) 07.12.2021


Switzerland Squads 2022

We were very fortunate playing touch in Switzerland this year, despite Covid, playing several domestic tournaments and even participating in the Senior Touch Championship in Portugal with 3 teams, including a gold medal for the M30s team! Building on this successful year, we’re looking ahead at the European Championships 2022 in Nottingham.

We are super proud and excited to announce that for the first time in the history of Swiss Touch, we are going to field 4 teams in 4 different age categories. This is a huge achievement for a small developing touch nation and we’re extremely thankful for all the members of Touch Switzerland, who have contributed to this success on the road leading up to this.

Over a few weekends in November, players in all age categories have gone through a selection process and given their best, in order to get a chance to represent Switzerland on the international stage.

The four teams representing Switzerland at the Euro’s will be:

  • Mixed Open (MXO) Head Coach: Pasqual Neuweiler
  • Women’s 27 (W27) Head Coach: Rebecca Fitzgerald
  • Men’s 30 (M30) Head Coach: Peter Ryland
  • Men’s 45 (M45) Head Coach: Michael Abromowitz


Women’s 27

Mixed Open

Men’s 30

Men’s 45

Congratulations to all players making the extended training squads. The players selected will be training over winter within their respective squads and come the end of April, the coaches will announce the final selections. These will be the most competitive selections in Switzerland yet. Good luck to every player!