28 July – 1 August 2020

UPDATE | 25.09.2019 


Dear Swiss Touchies,

As by now I’m sure you have heard the intention of TS following the expression of interest process for the Euro’s 2020 is to send a competitive Mixed Open squad.  

This decision has been taken following the assessment of playing numbers per category, taking into account 1st and 2nd choices. The upshot of this process is that the Mens open had very limited support and is simply not viable. The womens open had 14 ladies as a first choice, although of these only 8 were eligible and 100% committed. A lot of these ladies also had W27 as a second option however once again stated commitment levels did not support more than 10 players to be considered definite.
So the selection committee had the difficult task of trying to interpret these wishes. The conclusion we came to was that there could be no Men’s open team. That the Women’s open and Women’s 27 were below the minimum starting points for a training squad with any competitive selection.  

So our conclusion was to pool the playing resources and offer the community an opportunity to take part in a competitive selection process, with an extended squad training period with Mike Abromowitz as coach. Mike recently helped coach Scotland Mixed Open to 3rd in the World Cup.
This will present a fantastic opportunity to our able and ambitious players to develop their game to a higher level.  

However the focus on Mixed at the Euros does not signal a change in direction for TS. We are committed to supporting the MO and WO game and will encourage and support participation at minor tournaments throughout 2020 and beyond.
The High Performance (HP) group which consists of Mike Abromowitz, Troy Cameron, Tash Weston, Thomas Blaser and myself will decide and publish all squad (invitation) and HP days (open) before the end of 2019 for 2020. This will cover preparation for MXO Euros and MO and WO for minor tournaments and to continue with some HP days to foster further development.  

In the short term though we wish every success to the M40 at the Lisbon Seniors and to the WO and MO at the Challenge trophy in Elche.  

The MXO trial day will take place on the 16.11.2019 in Luzern from 11am. Please register interest

November 16th, 2019





Touch Switzerland President


Stuart Lewis


NEWS | 25.06.2019 


Dear Swiss Touchies,

Following our great experience at last years Euros, the time has come again for us to express our interest in participating at next years Euros’s. Set once again at the same location in Nottingham 28 July – 1 August 2020.


Remember Swiss Touch needs you!  


Touch Switzerland President


Stuart Lewis


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